Saturday, April 16, 2011

Show Notes: Beer Butt Chicken

On every one of my radio programs, at the end of the show, I talk about "Health In The Hearth" and the importance of making real food, real simply, right at home. 

Check out the preparation for this popular chicken preparation, know affectionately (or not) as "Beer Butt Chicken". 

Truly this is so incredibly simple to do -- you take your bird out of the plastic, remove any innards bag, wash it off, then you're ready to go. 

Open a beer, poke it up the SOUTH end of a NORTH bound chicken, and then set your grill to 350. I rubbed olive oil over my bird to crisp-up the skin as well. 

The only real trick to this is that, if you're using a bottled beer with a tapered, long-neck style, drinking end (in other words, NOT a can) it will drift up through the chicken's neck. 

So, as you see in this 2nd picture, you have to get some twine, or string or a hefty rubber band or something and truss-up the lower legs so it will hold around the bottle. 

When I put this on my grill (my grill has three burners), I put it in the center, with the side burners on high. That way, the bottle was not directly over the flame. I was concerned that the glass would burst at some point. If you have a can, that wouldn't be a problem. 

Set your bird up on the beer, close the lid, and leave it alone for a good 2 hours. It is amazing; tender; moist; and it doesn't even taste like cooked beer!!

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Amateur Cook said...

º Your version of this recipe differs from one or two others I've tried. Most opt for a can, not a bottle. Then there is no need to truss the legs or worry about broken glass in your meat. But then I suppose that if you use a can over too high heat you could end up with molten aluminum up your birds butt. Messy either way. ☺ And you just use olive oil as rub, pretty plain tasting. º