Friday, June 20, 2008


What a wonderful surprise to happen on something that pops out at you.

We just moved into this new office, and in a fit of lunchtime hunger, I went foraging along the street for somewhere to eat. I had always overlooked the next door Mediterranean Tapas bar (WHY!!??), but finally decided to dip a toe in.

The food was decent -- I can't remember what I had, which tells you something -- but I loved the oil/vinegar that was served with the bread. The bread was unremarkable as well, but the balsamic was a reduction, served with olive oil and pesto.

The vinegar had cast off its acidic bite for a deeper kind of love. It was almost syrupy, and in perfect synergy with the pesto oil. I am now back at work fantasizing about reducing my balsamic in a pan, throwing some pesto in my oil, and making a night of it.

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